Sunday, 29 May 2011

Does blw work?

Sometimes I wonder if babyled weaning works.

I didn't do it with my eldest daughter and she eats well, though she is going through a fussy stage.

As for my youngest daughter who was babyled weaned - she eats anything and everything!  She knows her dislikes and likes but if she sees anyone else eating she wants it.

Perhaps it's just a phase where she wants to copy everyone but boy does she have an appetite.

I'll see what she's like when she gets to 3 so I can compare her to her older sister, but for now...


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fast Food Baby

Did anyone see the fast food baby programme on BBC 3 last night?

It was very interesting although quite unbelievable in parts.  Like the 19 year old who only ever gave her son junk food as that's all she ate.  She smoked, ate junk food and drank and had recently suffered a heart attack.  Er, do people think they're invincible?

But it was good to see her attempting to cook healthy meals at home.

It's interesting to see that we sometimes still hold old fashioned values when it comes to feeding.  Don't play with your food, be quiet and eat up, use a knife and fork.

Tonight we had veggie stew and dumplings with new potatoes.  Anya loves it and so does Mia but I think she was tired by 5pm and a bit bored with it, so I bet her that she couldn't eat all her tea using only her hands!  Very messy but a challenge.  The dumplings were great to eat with hands, as were the new potatoes, but the veg stew was definitely trickier.  She did a really good job and in the end her plate had a lot less food on it than if I'd have made her eat it with a knife and fork.

Food really should be enjoyable.  It should be healthy (not all of the times, don't forget the treats!) and excite all our senses.

I love halloumi cheese, especially as you can grill and fry it, but mainly for the texture.  I love the fact that you can have a good old chew.  My mum doesn't like the squeak but it doesn't bother me.  I once had veggie fish and chips in a restaurant and the 'veggie fish' was deep fried halloumi - it was absolutely gorgeous. So much so that it we go back to that restaurant, I know exactly what I'm having.

There's no denying I love my grub but food to me is a pleasure.  Yes there are times when I get fed up of cooking and we may resort to a chippy tea but healthy food doesn't have to be boring.  As a veggie I'm often getting asked if I only eat salad (still can't believe people as me this in 2011) but the thing is I really don't like salad.  Unless it's got loads of olives, cheese, dressing etc otherwise I think salad's really boring.  But I can still eat healthily without eating salad all the time!

Let's just relax at meal times, remember that fresh, home cooked food tastes so much better than convenient food and is a dam sight cheaper, and let's lead by example to our kids.

But also let's lead by example to other adults.