Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New chair

Wow, it's ages since my last blog.  Though what I can say about blw hasn't already been said.

It's still going really strong and Anya is just loving her grub!  She has such a love of food that she would like to pass across to everyone else, including the dog, Bobby.  She keeps going in his cupboard, grabbing his biscuits and chasing him around the room until he eats them.  Today she emptied his whole bag of food over the kitchen floor just so she could put some in his bowl!

I've put her highchair away today.  It was getting in the way a bit so she's progressed to a 'booster' seat, or big girl's seat as Mia says.  The only trouble is that there is no tray so she sat with us at the kitchen table.

It was lovely to sit together, all 3 of us girls in a row, but she was tired and her veggie cottage pie ended up all over the place.  None on the floor now though as Bobby ate it.  I had some on my arm, face, shoulder, pants (trousers for the posh people, not knickers) and she had it all over her face.  Though when you look at the amount she actually ate she did quite well.  I would've taken a photo but my camera on my phone died ages ago and I daren't touch Archie's cameras, especially at tea-time with the kids. He'd kill me!

We'll see how the booster chair goes but if she carries on making such a mess I may have to bring the highchair back.