Sunday, 19 September 2010

Where's my book?

I reserved the 'Baby Led Weaning' book from the library about a month ago and it still hasn't arrived!  I'm itching to read it.

I'm off to a weaning party tomorrow at my local sure start centre and it will be interested to hear what they have to say.  I do hope they cover baby led weaning as it still seems like a 'new' concept.  I say 'new' but what did they do before blenders were invented?  And who decided that we had to introduce only one type of food every three days?

Obviously we know more about allergies now and introducing new foods every 3 days will help to establish a link between foods and allergies but surely by the time babies reach one year and are generally eating what adults eat they'll encounter foods that they haven't before.  That could start allergic reactions and I would hope that any responsive parent would realise what the problem is.

Before blenders were invented everyone would've been doing 'baby led weaning' perhaps just mashing things up a bit or even chewing them a bit then giving them to the baby.

Let's hope my book arrives soon, otherwise I'll have to buy it (or at least send a text to my friend to borrow her copy!).

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