Sunday, 10 October 2010

Day 2

Today was a bit less eventful than yesterday.

I was at church in the morning so Archie (wonderful hubby!) was in charge of both of the kids.  He always gives Mia her breakfasts really late (more interested in playing with toys the pair of them) so I knew Anya had no chance of breakfast.

Then I was at a wedding fayre with Archie so dinner went out of the window.  We ended up grabbing a sandwich from M&S so Anya just had a little taste of humous which she seemed to enjoy.  Back to my mum's for tea (chips and quorn escalopes) so not very baby friendly but Anya seemed to enjoy the chips.  I gave her some escalope but she grabbed it, then chucked it on the floor.  Probably a good idea as they are so high in salt but it's just nice for her to be included in the meals and enjoy sitting with the family.

I did buy some plastic material to put under Anya's chairs both at home and outside, but I've no chance of picking food up from the floor in either our house or my mum and dad's house.  We've got two dogs and they've got two dogs.  The dogs think BLW is the way to go!

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