Friday, 8 October 2010

Nearly ready!

Anya is 6 months this Monday.  I can't believe where the time has gone.  6 months has gone so much quicker than with my first baby.

And now she is ready for food! Yeah.

We've just returned from holiday and probably a good job that I didn't start to wean her on the holiday as we ate a lot of unfriendly baby led weaning food.  Hot curries, chinese, ice cream (she'd probably have liked that), chips (good size for her to hold!) and chocolate.  Though she would've got most of it through my breastmilk!

Today I made a vegetable sauce with gnocchi.  I gave her some baby sweetcorn, red peppers and courgette.  I did it at the totally wrong time as she was ready for bed but was still quite alert.  We were having tea very late so I thought, what the hell, I'll see how she goes.

She loved the baby sweetcorn and managed to gnaw (gum) quite a bit off.  The dog ended up getting most of it when she dropped it.  She really enjoyed the pepper but got a bit too excited with it and very quickly dropped it. Unfortunately I'd cut her pieces quite big (cadbury's finger size) and I'd cut ours up into small chunks.  My first daughter (weaned the traditional way) can be a bit fussy so I try not to make some food obvious.  So, note to self, make more bigger pieces for Anya next time.

Again, the dog liked the red pepper too, though he declined the courgette when she threw that down!

Just before we went on holiday I tried to get the Antilop highchair from Ikea.  I've heard a lot of good reports saying that it's perfect for blw.  Perhaps blw has seriously taken off as Ikea are out of stock with these highchairs.  I tried Warrington, Manchester, Leeds.  I think the next choice would've been Birmingham but what it would cost me to go down there I could just get a highchair from Argos for more money.  So I've reserved my highchair and collect it tomorrow.

Blw is definitely the way for me but I'd prefer a highchair for her, otherwise not only does Anya get mucky, but so do I if she's sat on my knee.

I was getting a bit annoyed when I found out Ikea had sold out of the highchair as I really wanted that one for both practical and financial reasons.  And I was getting a bit impatient as I knew she was getting to 6 months and she needed to eat food.

But then I relaxed and remembered what blw is all about.  Letting the children take their time, explore different tastes, textures and smells.  For the first couple of months it's all about exploration and as long as they are still getting lots of milk feeds they shouldn't really want for anything else.  So I have to remind myself to take my time with blw.

The good thing about starting just after holiday is the fact that we are on our health kick now (until Christmas) so she'll get lots of good healthy food, plus apples and pears are coming into season now - yummy.

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