Sunday, 24 October 2010

Week 2

This week has been a good week but I've noticed that sometimes my diet isn't as good as it should be!

BLW (and traditional weaning perhaps) does make you look at the foods you are eating and whether they are healthy enough to give a baby.  Generally I don't add much salt to my food (expect chippy chips, the more salt the better) but if I have packaged foods then the salt content can be so high.  It's only after looking at the packaged foods' salt content that I've started to watch the level of salt I eat.

Just one portion of Quorn escalopes contain approximately 26% of my daily salt intake.  That might not be too much if I was eating 75% of my salt intake with my other meals but I don't always measure my smaller meals and that's excluding snacks!  Ao it's likely that I'm getting more salt than I should. It's actually very annoying the amount of salt they put in food.

So when I've been eating some meals that I wouldn't want to feed Anya I've had to give her something different.

I've also noticed that it's good to have snacks handy for Anya.  What I would describe as a snack, banana, small sandwich, cheese on toast, is in fact a full meal for Anya so I don't often worry what to give her but I do sometimes get a bit bored with giving her the same thing day in day out.

But realistically how many of us vary our diets on a daily basis?  My breakfasts and lunches are often the same and the meal that is varied daily is my main meal so why should it be any different for a baby or child?

I've been looking at a few recipes to make meals that I can give Anya and I made the most delicious frittata the other day, spinach, potato and pumpkin.  I'll post some of the meals up that I've been giving Anya to those who are looking at baby led weaning either for now or for the future.

I've also noticed that Anya has really taken to eating!  As soon as we sit down to eat she starts to 'shout' for her food and once it's on her tray she has no hesitation in going for what she wants.  Today she had roasted veg and loved her roasted parsnip.  She munched away on it for ages.

Anya trying melon for the first time.  I cut the skin off so she could eat it all.  It was a bit slippery but she managed very well.
She got a bit excited with the melon! The plum definitely came in second place.
She enjoyed the fruit so much that she was sucking her bib that was full of fruit juice.
Smiles all round.
Spinach, pumpkin and potato frittata.
Straight for the frittata.

She enjoyed the texture of the frittata and loved squashing it in her hands.
Just admiring a chip (oven cooked).  Fortunately she preferred the frittata otherwise I'd really be thinking my diet was rubbish.
Baby led weaning really is messy. A few chips and frittata lay on the floor for all of 2 minutes before the dogs got it.
Enjoying baby sweetcorn again.
Figuring out what a courgette is.

Whoops, missing her mouth with a fine bean.
First attempt at yoghurt.  I dipped the spoon and she fed herself.  However, I was really disappointed with the yoghurt.  It was described as perfect for weaning and my 2 year old loves them, but there is added sugar in them and it's far too high for my liking.  I've bought plain yoghurt and will put pureed fruit in it for next time.
Very messy banana.  She has so much fun with bananas.  They are squidy, tasty and easy to hold.

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