Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Week 3

I'm not sure if the Baby Led Weaning plays a part in this but Anya absolutely loves her food.

We went for a meal with my Nan at the weekend, celebrating her 96th birthday, and when the food arrived she just shouted and shouted until I finally gave her some food (Anya that is, not my Nan!).

At home, I daren't bring out her food if it's too hot otherwise she'll shout until it's on her tray so I have to let it cool in the kitchen.

I've noticed lots of changes recently.

Her nappies are showing visible signs that she's eating more.  Some of it has been digested and others have just gone straight through, but I believe this is totally normal until the body adjusts.

Eating skills
She's finding different ways of eating different foods.  I gave her some thin strips of lasagne and some how she wrapped it over her thumb.  However, she discovered she could suck all the sauce off then bite into the pasta.  Very clever I thought, especially as she has started to do this with a few kinds of foods now.

The gagging seems to be getting less and less, thankfully.  I can't say I enjoyed this part of baby led weaning.  I'm sure no-one wants to see their baby gagging, but it is reassuring to see the gagging reflex doing what it should be doing.  But what is very interesting is seeing the way Anya has learnt how to eat to avoid gagging.  She doesn't put food so far into her mouth now.  Once she has decided there is enough in there she'll happily chew until she either swallows it or decides to spit it out.  Even my mum gave her some pitta bread the other day so she must feel comfortable enough with her eating 'normal' food at the moment.

A friend wanted me to film Anya gagging as she wanted to try baby led weaning and wanted to know what she was in for, however I've been waiting for ages to do it.  At first I could've got some great footage but I was too concerned about watching every move she made to film it.  Now, we all sit at the table chatting and I can even turn my back on her for a few seconds without getting paranoid!  So I suggest anyone looks on youtube for baby led weaning clips as there are a few on there about gagging.  I'll try to find a good link for you.

As discussed, Anya just loves her food.  Three weeks into the weaning process and she just loves food and shouts for it when she sits down to eat.  It doesn't matter what I put infront of her she just grabs anything on her tray.  What is also interesting to see is my other daughter has started to try different foods when she sees Anya eating it.  Not too much, but little bits at a time.

Eating out
We've eaten out a few times in the last week and I've found this a bit tricky.  Not really for the food and what to give her but I'm conscious about what might happen if anyone sees her eating proper food and not cutting it up, not squashing food or feeding her and even what would happen if she starts gagging.

The first time we ate out was at a small cafe for lunch (my mum treated us!) and Anya had some of my wrap with peppers and mushrooms.  The second time we ate out we had a very healthy pizza (!!!!!) but I have to admit I was searching Anya's highchair for pizza and I couldn't find any.  I only gave her a thin strip about an inch wide and four inches long but she absolutely wolfed it down.  She also enjoyed munching on rocket but I didn't think it was too suitable for her just in case it got stuck.  Herbs are so much harder for her to spit out so I took it off her.

The third time we ate out was for my Nan's birthday and we went for a carvery.  I had the vegetarian lasagne option and Anya loved this too, but particularly loved the yorkshire puddings.  I learnt my lesson by the third outing and remembered to take my plastic floor mat!

Spaghetti is a big favourite in our house!

Anya getting very excited with the spaghetti.  She loves to eat it and play with it.

And this is where most of it ends up.

As fit as a baby led weaning dog!

Our first proper outing.  Anya ended up sitting on my knee eating as I wasn't happy with the cleanliness of the highchair or plates but then I ended spilling most of my food on the floor!  Luckily I could just blame the baby.

Anya discovering that if she wraps lasagne sheets around her thumb it's much easier to eat.  She's started doing this with a lot of food now.

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