Monday, 15 November 2010

Yeah - I've converted my Mum!

I was at my Mum's yesterday having tea, as is usual on Sunday for us, and she suddenly came out with 'I like this baby led weaning'.


She wasn't keen at first, especially when she saw Anya gag, but now she's loving it.

And so am I.  Anya just sits with us at meal times and enjoys the whole eating experience.  As soon as I put her tray in front of her she grabs for food, then spends the rest of the time happily laughing and smiling at us as we're all eating.  The only exception is when we're eating at home.  I tend to eat with my two daughters as my husband arrives home later than we eat, so we eat with the telly on.  Anya is often turning around when something interesting comes on.  Especially Zingzillas!

She ate loads tonight.  She had a cheese and onion bite, some bread, some pasta, then finished it off with a full pear (no skin).  It's 11.30pm and she hasn't woken up for a 10pm feed.  Perhaps this is the way to go!

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