Thursday, 11 November 2010

Note to Self - feeding a child does need some form of organisation

As I've previously mentioned I'm not the most organised person.  Well actually, when it comes to big things, organising parties, moving house (and even countries!) studying, I'm very organised, but when it comes to everyday things I tend to take things as they come.

Which is why blw suits me just fine.  However, I keep forgetting that Anya needs to eat now.

I went into town today unexpectedly and got a pasty for Mia and myself.  Mia was fine with her cheese and onion pasty and I had a vegetable curry pasty.  It was just before dinnertime so I thought I might be ale to get back and cook Anya something but once she saw us eating, that was it.

Basically in baby talk, this is what she was saying, "Mmm, Mummy that looks nice.  Mummy, please can I have some?  Mummy, I'm getting hungry and your food looks nice, please can I have some?  Mummy, please please please can I have some food?  MUMMY GIVE ME YOUR FOOD?  NOW! MUMMY FOOD NOW! ARGH ARGH ARGH. JUST GIVE ME YOUR FOOD".

I managed to break a bit off of my very hot pasty (both hot and spicy) and cool it down.  I wasn't sure if she would eat it as it was quite spicy but she loved it.  She would suck the sauce off it then suck the pasty until the pastry was suitable for her to eat.

Then she decided to let me hold it and she moved her head from left to right and rub the pasty all over her face.  She loved it and I found it absolutely hilarious.  She was wearing a lovely white coat, which now isn't a lovely white coat!

I was quite surprised that she enjoyed the spicy pasty but then I do eat a lot of curries (not too hot as I'm a wimp) and I breastfed both my children, still breastfeeding Anya, so she's probably used to it.

So, hopefully, I've learnt my lesson.  Take food anywhere I go in case Anya goes mental and WANTS FOOD.

I'm thinking either fruit, sandwiches, breadsticks, cheese, falafel, or quiches.  I'll keep you filled in on what foods are appropriate when you're out and about and using blw.

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